Oscillate Wildly Press, established in 2016, is a Brisbane-based publisher of Body Horror and Cosmic Horror.


From 2016 to 2019, we published novels, anthologies, and collections. As of 2019, we solely publish The Asylum Diaries, a triennial magazine dedicated to Body Horror and Cosmic Horror.


We are an Award-Winning publisher. The Body Horror Book, edited by Claire Fitzpatrick, won the 2017 Rocky Wood Award For Non-Fiction and Criticism.

Our editors are Claire Fitzpatrick and Misery. Claire is an award-winning speculative fiction and non-fiction author. She has a Bachelor of Government and International Relations and a Postgraduate Certificate in Writing, Editing, and Publishing. She also worked in journalism for several years. Misery is a spray-paint artist (MiseryInk Design), graphic designer, desktop publisher, and H.P. Lovecraft enthusiast. Together, they're a dream team of soul-sucking freaks.


Please check out our submissions page for specific guidelines. For any further queries, please email us at owp.submissions@gmail.com


Note: We are currently not accepting any manuscripts outside of The Asylum Diaries.



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