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Oscillate Wildly Press, established in 2016 by Claire Fitzpatrick, is a Brisbane-based publisher of Body Horror and Cosmic Horror.


Since 2016, we published novels, anthologies, and collections. As of 2019, we solely publish The Asylum Diaries, a magazine dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft and body horror.


We are an Award-Winning publisher. The Body Horror Book, edited by Claire Fitzpatrick, won the 2017 Rocky Wood Award For Non-Fiction and Criticism.


Please checkout our submissions page for specific guidelines. For any further queries, please email us at owp.submissions@gmail.com



Note: We are currently not accepting any manuscripts outside of The Asylum Diaries. Submissions to The Asylum Diaries are welcome at any time. For manuscripts submitted prior to our commencement of The Asylum Diaries, assume we have regretfully declined.